Aquila non captat muscas.(Eagles catch no flies.)

eagle1The Cuban government has always explained as a reason for not allowing opposition or having a one party system that their close appointed enemy the USA is looking for any opportunities to bring down the communist government.

We see that in the apogee of the cold war that was about the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis the world came very close to a nuclear confrontation between the two superpowers (USSR and USA). As we know the USSR does not exist anymore and Cuba has being on his own now for quite some time flying and buzzing very close to the eagle’s ear and we have not seen the USA flex any muscle towards Cuba.

Still we see the Cuban government insisting in the old policies of the cold war. My suspicion is that it has nothing to do with being afraid of the nearby eagle. The Cuban government is more concern with his own people that are very unhappy with the state of affairs in their own country.

How do we know the Cuban people are unhappy?

Let us revisit a bit of history.

Do you remember “Los balseros in the 90s“? and if we go a bit back in time to the 80s. Do you remember the Mariel boatlift?

As can be seen the Cuban government from time to time behave like a pressure cooker and has to let some people go. That usually happen during American democratic administrations. If I am correct we are due one pressure valve release soon.

That is the way the Cuban government controls opposition. By offering the known choice of “Either you go on exiled or you like what we have here”.  This is a known logical fallacy named False dilemma, since our choice is not only those two choices but we can have other choices like for example this third choice “to start changing what is wrong with the system”.

Why will they not have that choice?

Because they do not want to change what has kept them in power for 50 years. As Mel Brooks said in the movie History of the World part I.

“It’s good to be the king!”. To be an absolute ruler to be a dictator!

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  1. Thank you! just what I need to read right now…

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