Something wonderful is occuring in Cuba. Liberty is coming back!

Like many others I have follow the news about Gorki the Lead singer of “Porno para Ricardo”  being imprison by the Cuban goverment.

“He is accused of a crime from the script of the film “Minority Report,” charged under the euphemism of “pre-delinquent dangerousness.”  Translated into the language of reality, it means they put you behind bars so you don’t commit the mischief that others see coming.”

That is a quote from Yoani’s blog please continue reading at this two blog posts from Yoani with better words than mine

at Gorki

and in the following post we learn that David can still fight Goliath if we all Davids join!

Every citizen of the world must take Cuba as a lesson to learn.

Big goverments with too much power will not hesitate to opress the little people. Burocrats want to produce just more burocrats!

We the people want Freedom.

Liberty to think and create. Freedom to live.

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