A marriage made in heaven. Combining the power of Google Reader and Yahoo Pipes to read math blogs.

A while back while surfing the web I discover Google Reader and it was nice to use Google Reader to place links to web sites and blogs I was interested in reading. Google Reader is what they call and aggregator. Once you setup a folder and add a few items to it then by clicking on that folder you get to see a list containing all the items you have added to the folder.

The analog to this is like having an input box for reading and placing papers to read there. Some advantages of this computer box or folder is that it gets updated with new entries from the sources you have selected.

Here is a screen shoot of what Google Reader looks like


well, all is fine with Google Reader until you decided to filter or order the information or in general display the information in any of many multiple different ways that can be displayed.

Then again while searching on the web I discover yahoo pipes

this is another free internet service but this one is by yahoo and this service allows you to graphically create a mash up feed that could contain all the things I was missing from using Google Reader alone!

Here is screen shoot of what a yahoo pipes program looks like

yahoo pipes

So as you can see you are actually programming when you use Yahoo pipes but you are doing it with a graphical interface and using pipes to make connections.

In this particular case I wanted to create a Yahoo pipes that will contain a few feeds I was interested in reading and I wanted to sort them following the publication date.

Only takes about a minute to do such programming task with yahoo pipes!

and then I grab my pipe url

something that looks like this

and inserted that into one of my Google Reader folders and Voilà!

I am now able to sort and filter and do much more to RSS feeds!

So amazingly we can now combine the technology from two different companies

to produce with very little effort things that could make the web do the searching and retrieving of information for us!

One more thing

Your Yahoo Pipes can be shared with other people so you can send them the Url of your pipes so others could use it! They could even cloned and change it so modifying and customizing it to their own taste!

Obviously this can be apply to any other topic.

hope you enjoy reading this is a blog posting from www.isallaboutmath.com

for more info on Yahoo pipes check out Tim O’Reilly’s blog on Yahoo pipes.

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    Very intresting i have to try .

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