Taming a revolution.

The Cuban revolution have being since its very beginning responsible for the violent death of many Cubans and also for the loss of the personal liberty of all Cubans.

Their excuse for such behavior is usually that any one oppose to them had to be working for foreing interest. They usually refer to the American Government but it is interesting to notice that these claims are always made without proof. The reason why they can not present such proofs is because they have none.

I was very recently looking at one article on Wikipedia about behavioral change.

The technique is called Operant Conditioning

The idea is simple it consist in the use of reinforcement and punishment to tame rats and primates to do what we like.

Maybe is possible to apply the same technique to the Cuban revolution.

A group of Cubans in Cuba seem to be executing a similar idea at a social scale.

See for example this video in youtube



The video is a vivid example of the wonderful work done by the group Omni Zona Franca.

The idea is so simple is pure genius. In the video there is a man standing with an overcoat in some corner in Havana holding a sunflower. He is manifesting a behavior that is very different than normal behavior but that is not offensive in any way and very pacific. We could even say poetically symbolic.

People do start staring and looking at him as if something is wrong and with curiosity. You can see that many come because they have learn about what is happening and they like to see too.

This much attention attracted by just one person in Cuba does not go unnoticed for a long time so the police will soon become unwilling actors in the performance!
They take him away!

There you have it.

Each one playing a role!
One being different (the main actor holding the sunflower),

multiple being curious but indifferent and

two others executing the repressive role by orders of someone in the Cuban regime!

Only one is in control of the acting the rest are re-acting motivated by the performance of the one!


The behavior they will like to change is the repressiveness and lack of freedom in Cuban society.

The stimulus is the Cuban revolution will get bad press if they repress in any way and they will get reinforcement for good behavior.


Can the revolution be tame into giving Cubans back their Freedom?

Only time will tell.

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